Don’t you think facebook and his mafia friends is trying to trick the countries economy?

2 min readJun 18, 2019

Looking at the scale libra going to be used

This is what andresson Horowitz will do > they will tell to all the companies they invested to accept Libra as currency. Same goes to other VC in the first batch of _____

The mafia gang which has monopoly in payment gateways will tell their payment gateways accept libra

So now people are pushed or totally by gamification will be encouraged to use libra (Because they know people are , they will join if we give something for free or show a celebrity that they are using that)

Because all the consumer companies invested by the ventures capitalist has more share of people online transaction in one way or other way AND THE PAYMENT gateways accept this currency. What else you need to stop the currency usage?

Might be you can be like China putting a hard rule on this or could be follower like UK on whatever comes from the Big Bang

Oh yeah we mentioned about country economy?

Old time, A group of people moved the real transaction to paper currency

Then the biggest 2 financial group in the name of “helpers and savers” decided what’s the value of the paper currency of countries

Then countries end up paying “_____” fee to them as if they own the country. The country keep sucking money from the people

Then they gave a idea. Make all your economy cashless society(digital), so you can use this paper currency in your bank as a assurance to pay your debt or use it backup a loan to build your infrastructure. country leaders followed (because they don’t get the trick?)

And now people will sell their paper currency of their nations and buy Libra.

So when everybody sell their nation currency, what’s the worth of it?

So who currently control the currency?

And after 15years, as if somebody wake up early on 5AM, European Union will wake up on 10AM like me and question Zuckerberg “So you know how much is wallet balance”

Zuckerberg will say to himself “idiot it’s libra man, Ofcourse I see everything”

The mafiagroup sits on the couch watching all this funny thing for a break and laugh.

You are welcome

Skip this funny story 😆 it’s a bed time story (fiction) 😂😂




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