A Scalable and Cheaper way of building DIGITAL Library — School in your village/town

8 min readDec 9, 2018

Should we build a DIGITAL LIBRARY in your village/town? Is it possible with almost zero cost and no internet? Just background why this is important before going on with the details.

WHY Digital Library?

While am traveling in central Asia, I used to stay in a lot of homestays and also able to meet students/youngsters from a different region. It gave lot of chances to understand the people’s culture, problems the face, migration, unemployment, etc. There are a few problems which in my opinion are not THAT hard to solve. And I have tried some initial experiments with it and it seems to be possible in a long term. Hence I plan to share those thoughts, also develop initial solutions as much as am aware and try in different remote areas.

Mainly migration is something which truly affects many people life. Not just the migration happening because of the conflicts but also people moving from urban to rural areas hoping for a better life! This creates many issues in terms of the affordable housing crisis to under-utilization of country lands and their resources. There is pros and cons of rural movement to urban side. While I was researching and also asking the same questions (Pamir Region in Tajikistan) why they are migrating from the rural side. Unemployment seems to be one of the biggest factors which leads move to the city side and also to other countries. Yes it is prevalent in my countries

but why unemployment? Quality of Education

There are multiple reasons for unemployment. but what i have encountered from my experience is not such things like government not providing education or there is no resource to grow themselves…Everything is there but the quality of education seems to be missing. Learning an educational curriculum of something which is planned before 25years ago would never be going to elevate someone from his current stage in my belief.

They quality of education need to be competitive according to the market needs to really survive in the future

If I look at the school teachers, they seem to be the same people who studied in that school. They finish the education in those school and become as a teacher in the same school. I mean what we can expect from someone who doesn’t have a lot of exposure or doesn’t even work in the something? We need better…


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