Going from east to west on a route which has drastically varying weather, terrain is not going to be easy on a short time frame. I was under less than a 5days plan to visit the west side of Mongolia (Bayan olgii). Then i need to cross to china to…

Reflection from personal experience and GoJek CEO’s farewell letter

Lot of the times I heard people saying “Nah man, that’s too big to solve. It’s not a movie. Don’t think you can solve this. This is it man. This world is a mess” when we share that we should do…

The place I destined myself — one corner of the world — NordKapp(North Cape) 71°10'21”

When I was 12 years old, my dad was working in Brunei. A foreign country out of India where he discovered how important is English medium(additional) of education for the next generation people. So he did all he could to move me out of my village government school which provide…


I help myself and companies to grow in Digital world through digital marketing, digital transformation initiatives, product management. Traveled 15% of 🌏

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